My mum taught me contentment in a hard way… 

If you didn’t use this type of flask, the one in the middle, raise your hand lemme block you… Children are not allowed on my list mbok!
So, I remembered how I and my siblings proudly owned one until the Thermal food containers became the order of the day.

Before we blinked, my classmates changed their food flasks to the latest and mine was old school. I felt their food was tastier in the latest flask and I needed one. I couldn’t tell mum that I envied other kids but I couldn’t help it.

One thing I always did as a kid was to spoil what I wanted to be replaced and funningly, I get tired of things easily. So, that habit stirred me into spoiling the handle of my food flask. I thought my mum will get the memo and upgrade my status but for where?

My mum prepared me for school the next day and I overhead her asking ‘kedu ebe flask Chidi ahu di? Where is that chidi’s food flask’… I thought she was joking because Chidi is my eldest brother… As in, he is the 1st out of my 3 elder brothers. He was in the university then and I tried not to believe what I heard.

My brethren and sistrens, it was time for school and lo and behold, my food was served in my eldest brother’s food flask… I cried to school and can’t remember if I ate that day. What wukedness? ????. I was crying about one step outdated and mum took me to 10 steps outdated, yet I didn’t get enough sense to know that mum got no chills???

BY Chioma Madueke


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