What Entice You?

BIBLE READING: Pro. 1:8-11, Gen. 39:7-9.

Just like the book of Psalm, proverbs starts with a fatherly instruction/counsel (pro 1:8). It is a son well loved by his father that the father gives instruction. (Pro. 3: 1 – 10).


Enticement; Explained

Enticement is from the word entice. To ENTICE means to SEDUCE. To attract (someone) especially by offering or showing something that is appealing, interesting etc.


Today, the world is so corrupt that Satan and his foot soldiers are on the loose, going about seeking whom to entice and destroy thereafter (Jn 10:10). The serpent (devil) beguiled/enticed Eve by making her see how ‘appealing’ the forbidden fruit was. She was so blinded and deceived by the enticement that she did not see the destructive tendency of the fruit until she ate it (Gen. 3:1, 4-7).


The biblical instruction from our text is _do not consent_. Do not yield. Do not give in. Do not be persuaded (Eph. 5:3-7) we must flee from every works of the flesh (Gal5:19-21, Rom.13:12-14, Col. 3:5,6).

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