Ways Of Being Enticed

One of the surest ways not to be enticed by sinners is to not be in their company (Pro.13:20;7:21; Ps1:1; Eph.5:11; Deut.13:8a. 1 Cor.5:9-11).

The Bible instructed that we should not be unequally yoked with sinners. Yoking or meddling with sinners has its grave consequences (Gen. 34: 1, 2). If one enjoys the company of cultist, smokers, cheats, fornicators, robbers, murderers, with time he/she will develop interest in these acts.


Biblical Instruction Against Yielding

Consenting to the enticement of sinners is tantamount to agreeing to serve the devil. People like Joseph, Daniel, Meshak, Abednego & Shadrach etc. are celebrated Bible characters because they refused to dance to the tune of the devil. You can be celebrated like them if you ignore that moment of sinful pleasure. No matter their flatteries, do not consent_.


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