(Matt.6:24-34; Phil.4:6).


Worry is the state of confusion of mind  arising from doubt etc.

Anxiety is the state of being anxious (uneasy with fear and desire regarding something).


Worry and anxiety are evidences of lack of faith in God and in His word.

  • They make molehills look like mountains. They magnify and mystify the devil and marginalise God.
  • They block their victims spiritual senses and hinder him from receiving information for God.
  • They breed and exalt fear (False Evidence Appearing Real).

Remember that God does always frown at fear (cons. Deut.3:21-22; 20:3-4,8; Jos.8:1; 10:8; Judg.6:10; 2Kgs.17:35,37,38; Isa.8:12; 41:10,13,14; 43:5; 44:2,8; Matt.10:26,28,31).


Please, be informed that; Protracted worry or anxiety is known to cause stress and is linked with many disease conditions of which some are fatal like hypertension, ulcers (stomach, intestinal, mouth), Diabetes, obesity (in some people) Insomnia (sleeplessness), Anorexia (loss of appetite), Asthmatic conditions, skin conditions, psychological conditions etc. So, physical health wise, worry and anxiety are no friends!


To overcome these insidious monsters of worry, anxiety and fear we must;

  • Ensure that we are covenanted with God (2Cor.6:17-18)
  • Equip ourselves with the word of God (Jos.1:8; Ps.1:1-2)
  • Edify our hearts with word-confession and prayers (Prov.4:23; Rom.10:9; Phil.4:6,8)


Rise to pray;

(i) repent of all our exhibition of ignorance through accommodation of fear, worry and anxiety

(ii) Rebuke every spirit of fear, worry or anxiety operating in our lives

(iii) Request for the manifestation of God=s promises unto us. 

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