FEAR is the acronym of False Evidence Appearing Real. It is based on falsehood and substantiated by ignorance.

Fear elicits anxiety and worry, and is associated with debilitating diseases like Hypertension (NB. Not all are traceable to worry, anxiety or fear), stroke, Diabetes, Ulcers of diverse kinds, etc and even cancer and deaths.


Fear does push victims unto wrong doings and hence makes them to make costly mistakes or even sin against God (cons. 1Sam.13:8-13; 2Sam.11:5-17).

Fear also manifests as an influence that can completely paralyse the activities of its victim who could be a person or group of people (cons 1Sam.17:1-11) it has ruined lives, homes, businesses, relationships etc.


Fear should really serve as an agent working for the believer against his opponents and not against himself (cons. Deut.2:25; 11:25). Because of the efficacy of fear against unwary victims, the kingdoms of darkness flagrantly employ it in their ceaseless bid to keep every man in bondage.

The Causes of Fear

1. Ignorance of God’s love, motives and ability leading to the misunderstanding of circumstances (Hos.4:6; Jer.29:11; Deut.8:2-5).

This is the major cause. It must be noted that whenever God makes a promise; problems are permitted to challenge the faith of the recipient, before the provision is seen.

2. Others:

(i) Ignorance of the limitations of Satan (cons. Isa.14:12) Satan is a creature limited in size, power, mobility, space and time

(ii) the stirring up of the carnal, human senses of sight, hearing, feeling, perception (thinking) etc (Eg. Num.13:27-29,33; 1Kgs.19:1-3; Jonah2:2-7; Prov.4:23 cp. Phil.4:8)

(iii) the casting of spells of fear (cp. Isa.2:19)

(iv) sin (Isa.33:14; Dan.5:1-6) (v) Divine judgement (Isa.66:4).


The Consequence of Fear

Knowledge is the panacea to the debilitating effect of fear (Prov.24:4; 2Pt.1:2-3). Once a believer comes to the full awareness of who he is, and who is behind him, the activity of fear will be terminated so fear will be extirpated! (cons. Matt.15:13).

This knowledge is majorly acquired through;

(i) Eating the word of God to know the truth (what is real) (Ps.1:1-3; Jos.1:8 cp. Rom.5:3)

(ii) Exercising in prayer for spiritual awareness (cons. Matt.26:36-46; Jas.5:16).

There should be no vacancy for fear!

Let us pray. 

  • Let rise to exercise ourselves in prayer and put fear to flight.
  • Let us pull out every root of fear.           

HSCF 135

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