Our theme has to do with BEARING FRUIT (Gendering) as stipulated by the Lord Jesus (Jn.15:16) through a series of activities that we shall caption “Gilgal Operation”. And to effectively participate in the said operations, one has to get into a usable state, the realm of power captioned “Gilgal dimension (realm)”.


It must be noted that the Lord knew about the pandemic before informing us about a year “score score” (a year of gaining marks as a sportsman, and ranking situations as a judge).


The Lord that has preserved us in the COVID season would have us to be productive through entry into the Gilgal dimension.


Gilgal dimension in our context is the state where the capabilities of the positive events of Gilgal (in the Bible times) are inherent in someone.


Let’s now consider some events that took place at Gilgal:


*    Gilgal was connected with the rolling away of Israel’s reproach by their circumcision after long neglect of the ordinance in the wilderness (Jn.5:7-9).


*     It was the launching pad of the conquest of Canaan (Jos.4:19-24)


*     It was a location in the circuit of Prophet Samuel, the judge of Israel (1Sam.7:16)


*     It was the place of coronation of King Saul (1Sam.11:15). Unfortunately, the impatient and impenitent king also forfeited the founding of a dynasty and got rejected in Gilgal (1Sam.13:4-15, 15:20-23, 16:14)


*     It was at Gilgal that the representatives of the tribe of Judah went to welcome David after the death of Absalom (2Sam.19:15,40)


*     Gilgal was the location from which Elijah commenced his journey to the chariot of fire (2Kgs.2:1-4)

And there, anointed Elisha neutralized the poison in the pot of food (2Kgs.4:38-41).


  • So Gilgal is first of all, a place of circumcision of heart and removal of spiritual reproaches (Gen.17:11, Deut.10:16, 30:6, Isa.6:1-8, Ezk.36:25-27, 1Thess.5:23, Heb.12:14-15).




Ps.103:1-5- Appreciate God for His faithfulness and keeping power towards the G.S, entire watchman, and your very self.

Prov.28:13 –  Repent of your sins, confess and forsake

Heb.12:1 – Present besetting sins to the Lord (if any) like anger, hatred, boastfulness, lying, talkativeness, arrogance, pride, selfishness, worldliness, gluttony, greed, fear, anxiety, worry, lusting, evil imagination.

Jer.10:23, 13:23 – Express your incapacitation to the Lord and your confidence in the work of Calvary  (Heb.10:10,12).

Ezk.36:25,26, Isa.6:5-7 – Pray for purification of your heart even Isaiah’s experience. Purity is the key to the Gilgal dimension (the realm of power).

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