After the national circumcision following the 40years of wandering in the wilderness and failure to keep the Abrahamic Covenant (Gen.17:10-14), the Israelites were poised to match into and possess the promised land.


The first assignment was to TAKE THE CITY OF JERICHO through OBEDIENCE to simple instructions: walking around the walls and blowing the trumpet on the last lap and shouting out loud (Jos.6:1-5).


NB: After the circumcision appeared the Captain of the Lord host (Josh.5:13-15).


Therefore, the Gilgal dimension goes with FAITH and OBEDIENCE to divine instructions.


Faith sees beyond the size of a challenge or opposition. Faith focuses on the incomparable superiority of the source of the instruction (   Heb.11:1,6 ).

Apostle Peter walked on water when there was faith, but as soon as he began to focus on appearance, he sank ( Matt.14:24-31).


These are times of boisterous winds/waves, and so our focus must be on the Lord of all circumstances (cons. Pro.21:31). Initially, Apostle Peter obeyed the Lord with precision and enjoyed the supernatural until he disconnected from his source and began to sink.


There is no place for disobedience at Gilgal, as that was the bane of King Saul’s reign causing him forfeiture of founding a dynasty and loss of office and the Spirit of God (1Sam.13:4-15, 15:20-23, 16:14).


When there is faith, prayers are answered and declarations/decrees are established (Mk.11:23,24).


Let’s rise up to exercise our faith in prayers and declarations.



Phil.4:6 – Let’s thank the Lord for all he has been doing for us individually and as a body. Remembering the man of God and his family whom He has sustained.


Zech.4:6-10 – Let’s ask the Lord to remove the mountain of COVID-19 and the attendant problems from our nation.


Jer.50:18-20 – Let’s ask the Lord to execute judgment on Babylon (all oppressors in this nation) and restore our nation.


Acts 16:31 – Let us pray for the salvation of all members of our family/household.


Ezk.37:1-10 – Make your personal request to God and prophesy life and success to your program and those of the church.

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