This is one of those cardinal truths of our most holy Faith that are neglected by the majority of those who claim to be children of God. Sometimes this neglect is due to the fact that such believers do not have teachers who know the mind of God. In other cases, it is because those believers, though adequately taught have developed that type of mind that never takes the word of seriously.  This is where some watchmen fall into.


Whatever the case, this aspect of the Bible truth is such that, if anyone neglects it, the one is risking losing the kingdom of God. This is because every disobedience of God’s demand is sin (1Jn. 3-4).


Now, to prove that the preaching of the gospel is a necessity laid upon all true children of God, let us go back to the cross of Calvary to reason why the cross. All mankind, before, at the time of Christ Jesus and after Him had been weighed and declared sinners by the Lord and therefore lost, not only by nature, but also through sins they committed/commit in the course of this life (cons. Ps. 14:2-3; 53:2-3; Isa. 53:6; Rom. 3:9-18,23; Ps. 51:5; Gen. 5:3; Jer. 13:23). Now, sin in the nature of man renders him dead to God and alienated (Eph. 2:1,5; Col. 2:13; 1Tim. 5:6; Pro. 21:16; Matt. 8:22; Lk. 15:32; Eph. 5:14; Rev. 3:1).  Not only is he estranged from God, but also will be damned in hell fire in the event of dying in sin, as a matter of retribution (cons. Mk 8:36; 9:43-48; Rev. 2:18; Ps. 9:17).


But then, to vitiate this deadness and the eternal consequence of hell fire, the Lord, in His great love for mankind decided that Jesus Christ, His Son and the righteous One, should carry the punishment on behalf of sinful mankind (cons. Isa. 53:4-12; Rom. 4:24-25; 5:6-8; 1Cor. 15:1-3; 1Pet. 2:24). It is this truth that the sinner will believe whole heartedly and turn to the Lord for mercy and cleansing, and all sins will be forgiven, the Spirit of Christ imparted to him, and the heart regenerated. Seeing that all men being sinners, need this experience, how then is the giving out of the information not a necessity upon all who have been reconciled to God through it?


Besides, we have the Lord’s express command on the issue, still based on the truth considered above (cons. Matt. 28:19-20; Mk. 16:15-16; Lk. 24:46-48; Acts. 1:6-8).

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