Text:                                                   Heb:10:35-39


INTRODUCTION: Let’s start by reiterating that the promises of God are often predicated on some conditions. It is against this light that we came to realise that the INHERIT THE PROMISE divinely made to us of being wonders  onwards, we must have taken our time to fulfill the (latently) attached condition (cp. Heb.10:36).


As the Lord would have us do two things in order to realise this promised made us of being wonders. Which is that we reposition ourselves to fit into the calibre of men associated with being wonders in the scripture seeing that is not for mere men (cp. 1Cor.3:1-3; Isa.8:18; Zech.3:8). Also that we should take other appropriate Steps To Receive The Promise.

So far, we’ve seen the need to yield ourselves appropriately to fit into such calibre of men as: Kings, Priests, Prophets and Spiritual men, which we ought to be as real believers and disciples of Christ (cp. Rev.1:4-6; Matt.5:10-12; Jas.5:10; 1Cor.3:1-3).

Honourable men simply means: Men that are worthy of divine honour. And honour means great respect for somebody. On another note, honour has to do with: a strong sense of what is morally right; a strong sense of what is morally right; good personal character or good reputation. Men that possess these qualities are said to be honourable (cp. 1Sam.9:6; 22:14; 2Sam.23:19; 1Chro.4:9,10; 11:21,25; 2Kgs.5:1; Mk.15:43).


God does not bestow honour upon people indiscriminately. In fact, it is those that honour Him that He honours (cp. 1Sam.2:30). It is those who, through humble, holy, sincere and obedient service, honour God that He in turn honours (cp.1Sam.2:30). God had purposed to do Eli a great honour of leaving the priesthood with his descendants forever, but he (Eli) got upturned through backsliding (cp. 1Sam.2:22-24,27-30; 3:11-13).


To qualify as a vessel of divine honour (to be spiritually honourable), a believer must thorough purge himself (2Tim.2:19-22), and serve the Lord in humble obedience and sincere holiness (cp. Acts20:17-24; Eph.4:22-24).


It is those who thus honour the Lord that He honours and makes vessels of honour (cp. 1Sam.9:6; 33:14; 2Sam.23:19; 2Kgs.5:1; Mk.15:43).

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