Impacting power of the Word

The impacting power of the Word is enjoyed through:

(i) Reading and meditating on the scriptures (Jos.1:8, Ps.1:1-3, 1Tim.4:15)

(ii) Participating in word-based fellowships (cons

Eph.5:19, Heb.3:13, 10:25)

(iii) Listening to taped messages and audio bible tapes (Deut.11:18-21, Rom.10:17)

(iv) Reading sound and enriching Christian literatures (cons. 2Tim.4:13,cp. Col.4:16)

(v) watching edifying scripture based presentations 


Our possession of a frail, forgetful nature being humans amidst the abysmal effect of the wicked environment underscores the need for regular flooding of the heart with the word of truth (cons. 2Cor.2:11, 2Pt.1:12, Jude 5).

In addition, the human brain has a limited and under utilized capacity to absorb and retain information and so there is need to cultivate the habit of procuring and establishing a library of tapes or DVDs of sermons for personal or private edification (see Eccl.10:15, Prov.12:27).

NB: It is the rules that a man knows that he keeps (cons. Deut.5:32-33, 6:6-9, 11:18-21, Jos.1:7-8). And to stay aright, one must follow the light (Jn.8:12).

So, men that walk in the will of God, saturate their hearts with the Word of God.                                                                  HSCF: (42,44)

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