Pursuance of the path of obedience

Obedience is simply the act of doing what one is told to do; submitting one’s will to another.


The necessity of obedience cannot be overemphasized in a God-man relationship (1Sam.15:22 ). The gap (difference) in all spheres of existence between the superior (God) and the inferior (man) is so large that, if there must be a cordial relationship the inferior must  implicitly obey the superior (Ex.23:19-22, Deut.11:26-28, 13:4, 27:9,10, 30:19-20).


The measure of knowledge and understanding of the Superior is so enormous that He outstandingly appreciates the weakness or frailty of the inferior (cons. Ps.103:4); nevertheless, He demands that the inferior expresses his allegiance or subjugation through implicit obedience to His word (cons. Jn.14:28, Phil.2:5-8, Heb.5:8). And all mortals that have walked with God, have had this understanding (cons. Gen.4:22,24, 6:22, 22:2, Jos.11:5, 2Kgs.18:6, Lk.2:39, Jn.8:19, Acts 5:29, 26:19, Heb.5:8). It should be borne in the mind that the commandments of God given unto men, were given in the interest of man; and do have blessings attached with keeping them (cons. Isa.66:1-2, Ps.50:10, 119:15-19, 105; Prov.4:1-4, 3:1-4, Deut.19:9-13, 12:28, 6:1-3,17-18, 5:26-29,33, 4:39-40, Ex.20:12).


The attached blessings could be in form of: Prizes as a matter of divine reward for obedience (cons. Rev.22:14, 1Sam.2:30, 15:22, Deut.28:1-2); Profits following abstinence from engaging in inimical acts or habits (cons. Ex.20:5,8-12, 23:12, Mal.3:8, 1Cor.6:18) or Proceeds as a result of doing something that is actively beneficial or enriching (cons. Lk.6:38, Mal.3:10-12, Eccl.11:1, Eph.5:22,25, 6:5-8).


The will of God on every matter is revealed in the word of God, and so anybody breaking the written word is stepping out of God’s will. And keeping to the word amounts to walking in the day (light of God) (implied Ps.19:3, 119:105, 130, Prov.6:23, 2Pt.1:19)


It can therefore be categorically stated that obedience is a very sure way to divine blessings (cons. Ex.19:5, Deut.5:29, 1Kg.3:14, Job 36:5-11, Zech.3:7, Jas.1:25, Rev.22:14).


Who then is there that wants to be fulfilled in this life and ultimately dwell with God in eternity? Let that person whole heartedly submit himself to do God’s will (cons. Deut.11:26-29, Prov.26:16, 10:6a, 28:20, Rom.12:1-2, Heb.10:31, 12:29, Rev.21:7).


It is therefore expected that all sinners turn to the Lord without further delay (cons. 2Cor.6:2), while the saints take a step further in their consecration and commitment to service ( impliedly Prov.4:18).                

                                                             HSCF: 54, 177

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