Text:                    Joshua 1:1-6, 9; Mal. 3:10-12, Matt.28:19-20



The most effective way of walking and working with God is the way of obedience. This is so because God’s relationship with man from the very beginning is based on divine instructions and expected human compliance (Gen.2:15-17). When this rule breaks down, the relationship with God also breaks down (Gen.3:6-12). Don’t forget also that obedience is so strong a phenomenon that by obedience of one, many can come into blessings as we saw from the life of our Master and Saviour Jesus Christ (Rom.5:18b-19b). The cardinal place of obedience in our walk with God cannot be over emphasized.


Today, we shall be considering this message “WHEN WE HAVE OBEYED” under two sub-heading: (1) What Is There To Obey? (2) What Happens When We Obey?


(1)       WHAT IS THERE TO OBEY Acts 9:3-6

Obedience can only be demanded of some one who has received a command or instruction.  Remember that obedience simply means compliance to an order instruction or command.  Therefore obedience cannot be sought when an instruction, order or command has not been given. It follows therefore that anyone who is challenged to obedience should rightly demand for what is to obey.  Having known that divine blessings are attached to obedience, every conscientious person (believers in particular) should be bothered about what it is the LORD wants him/her to do, so that he/she can go straight to do same. Acts 9:6; 16:30.


Many, are where they are and what they are today because they have not asked, “LORD, what do you want me to do”?  Because they know not what to do, their ignorance has kept them from their blessings.


We in the watchman ministry must find out what the Lord wants to do this time of fresh beginning and revival/restoration. He wants every properties of Satan in people’s life to be dealt with, going all out to preach the gospel and bringing people into His church, paying our vows/entering into covenant with Him by sacrificing all we have for the work of God (Lev.9:1-6, Hos.10:12, Micah 6:8, Zech.8:16-17, Matt.28:19-20, Mk.16:15, Mal.3:10).


(2)       WHEN WE HAVE OBEYED; WHAT HAPPENS?   (Lev.26:1-12, Mk.16:17,

Mal.3:10-12, Isa.54:5-17, Ps.89:33-35).

When we have carefully obeyed the Lord, the onus of proof of faithfulness shifts to God.  Our obedience puts God to the task of defending His words and proving His faithfulness.  It makes us a creditor and makes God indebted to us, (2 Tim. 4:7-8; Jms. 1:12; Rms. 11:34-35).  When we have obeyed we can then turn to the Lord and remind Him that He cannot  deny Himself nor alter the words of His mouth. Rather, we patiently wait for His rewards blessings and crowns.  One thing is sure what God owes He must pay.  Bearing this in mind let us fulfill our obedience on all the areas which He demands our obedience ranging from salvation to our service to Him in so doing we make God indebted to us. AND BLESSED ARE  YOU WHEN THE ALMIGHTY GOD BECOMES YOUR DEBTOR.

Our prayer should always be like Apostle Paul! what will you have me to do Oh!  Lord, (Acts 9:6) and those who have obeyed Him, should declare I await my crown of glory and my reward of obedience.

Let’s pray and take decision.

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