Believer must always remember that often a time, God operates at the speed of growth, and so patience must be exercised to inherit divine promises (Habk2:1-3; Heb.6:12).         It is only when the cloud is saturated that it releases the rain (Eccl.11:3).


No one can win a battle just by withdrawing or retreating from the battle front. Life is full of challenges that must be faced squarely if one must succeed or reach his desired destination.


The maxim that says, “quitters never win and winners never quit”, was applied by Joshua applied this by stretching his sword as God commanded him, without drawing back his hands until he utterly destroyed his enemies (Josh.8:18, 26).


Every believer is born into a warfare against the powers of darkness who oppose the programmes of God and His people (2Cor.10:3-6; Eph.6:11-12).

Prayer Point

Ask God to open the heavens this month for you and your family, so that you will serve God without distraction (1Cor.7:35).

The heavens shall open for you, and the resources in God’s store house shall be poured out unto you as you join in fellowship towards the break of today’s fasting and prayers for more important prayer points, in Jesus’ name.


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