Satan and his cohorts always make war with those that make peace with God. We shouldn’t marvel when the world hates us and treats us as deserters who are converts to Christ.

It is the duty of the masters to take care of the poorest and meanest of their servants, and not to see them wronged when it is in the power of their hand to right them. Those that pay allegiance may reasonably expect protection (Ps.119:94).

When our spiritual enemies set themselves in array against us and threaten to swallow us up, let us by faith and prayer apply to Christ, (our Joshua) for strength and succor as Paul the Apostle did; and we shall receive the same answer of peace. The Lord said, “My grace is sufficient for thee” (2Cor.12:8-9).

Prayer Points

HSCF 2, 13

  1. Let’s pray for all our beloved ones that are wallowing in sin, that God will grant them salvation of their souls (1Tim.2:4

The Grace of God shall be sufficient for thee as you join in fellowship towards the break of today’s fasting and prayers for more important prayer points, in Jesus’ name.

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