Leadership Of Love For Position Instead Of Loyalty To God

(Matt. 23:2,5-12)


These religious leaders were just after big and prestigious  positions and loved to be addressed accordingly, while bothering less about discharging the responsibilities occasioned by those positions. And the Master, seeing this proud, arrogant and evil disposition, warned against it (Matt. 23:6-10).


What Jesus was correcting here was essentially the unholy disposition associated with these appellations, and not necessarily the letters.


He condemned the self-exalting attitude of these religious leaders and called for the sincere and self-effacing mien of true servants of God, which leads to honour and exaltation by God (cp. Matt. 23:11,12).


Are there not pastors/leaders in our midst who are just lords, taking undue advantage of the title and position,  while caring less about the demands of the position? What about pastors wives and women leaders? Is it not true that today, people spoil to be made workers just to parade with the name and position without any burden for the work.?

Again, is it not true that today, the scriptural watchman has given way to mere nomenclature and congregational name – tag? What else does it take to be Pharisaic and hypocritical?


Now, seeing the evil of Pharisaism and the way the Lord condemns it, what stand do you take from tonight?

Rise and let us pray.

                                      Fellowship Song (HSCF 44)

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