Prayer is one of the most potent infrastructures of accessing heaven and downloading its dimensions (Lk.18:1; 1Thess.5:18; Jas.5:16).



The Psalmist came under a great pressure following the things that were happening to him which he described as bone scattered in the grave’s mouth, like scattered pieces of wood (v.7); there were suspected traps laid for him by the wicked (v.9). He wouldn’t mind if he got chastised by a righteous person (v.5).


He called upon the Lord to assist him to stay holy i.e let not the evil happening to him cause him to sin (v.3,4).


He said let his prayer be acceptable (v.3) and let the Lord hasten His deliverance (v.1).


In like manner, there are situations all around us that seem overbearing, needing speedy divine response (2Chro.20:1-4; Heb.11:6)


We want to go to the Supreme God in prayer now to tell Him to make haste.


1. Ps. 105:1-6 – Thank the Lord for His servant the Abraham of our time, the Diocesan Pastor and all ministers
2. 2Chro. 20:1-2 – There is an inflow of people (non Nigerians0 to the south with some ulterior motives. Let us tell the God of Jehoshaphat to revisit His feat. Remember every line of the Holy bible must be proven true to the letter.
3. Isa. 31:2,3 – Some murderers are having a field day, slaughtering Christians in Nigeria (even a CAN Chairman was recently killed). Let us call upon God to terminate the activities of Boko-Haram and Islamic State of West Africa.
4. Ezek. 20:1-6 – The sponsors of these blood letters are more culpable than the murderers, let God bring them to shame and judge them righteously.
5. Isa. 22:7:13 – The Lord should truncate all plans of people who are killing people to take their native lands, etc. (Herdsmen)
6. Jer. 20:11 – Let the Lord tackle and thwart all programmes of the enemy against the church. (and your very self).
7. Jer. 20:9 – Give me more burden to intercede the more
8. Thank God for the answer to prayers.

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