Zech. 12:10; Acts 1:4,8; 2:1-4

Today, we are considering Unction For Unfettered (Unchained) Action. We live in a world filled with wickedness (1Jn.5:19) and everything a believer intends to do will meet with opposition from the power of darkness – the adversary. (Eph.6:12, 2Cor.10:3-5)


Our texts show that the Lord has a habit of equipping His people for whatever He requires of them. He will pour upon His erstwhile stubborn people the Spirit of grace and supplication to receive their erstwhile rejected Messiah (Zech.12:10). And the disciples were to wait for divine empowerment before delving into the highly demanding work of soul wining.


Moses the man of God could not have been able to do the work by the arms of his flesh for God advanced him. (1Sam12:6) and so did Joshua get God’s assistance (Josh.1:5).


The ascetic ministry of Elijah could not have succeeded without the Lord’s assistance. For along the line Elijah gasped for breath before the Lord intervened (1Kgs.19:1-4).


Spiritual business cannot be accomplished with the arms of the flesh (1Sam2:9; 2Cor.5:7).


Even the Lord Jesus, the eternal Word of God, Who came from heaven to wear human flesh could not bump into the ministry without divine empowerment (Jn.10:3,14; Matt.3:15-17; Jn3:34; Mk.1:12-13).

It was this heavenly assistance to God’s messengers that enabled them accomplished their ministries (purposes) without reservation.


It is to be noted that INTERCESSION is a great work and only very few people take it up (Isa.59:10; Ezek.22:30).


The density of wickedness that has spurred God to Jealousy calls for the availability/recruitment     of intercessors who will steer God’s hand against the wicked and in favour of God’s people (Cons. Gen.18:23-33). We are available for the great task, and need the assistance of Him that supported our Master Jesus (Jn. 20:17,21).


If He needed to help Jesus, He should much more help us!

HSCF: 200, 201, 207


Prayer Points:
1. Acts 2:1-4, 4 – Endue me with power from on high to do your biddings
2. Zech.12:10 – Give me the Spirit of intercession and supplication
3. Pray for grace to enter the second phase of the programme
4. Pray for your neighbor in the church for divine visitation

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