Text:                           Matt. 20:29‑34


INTRODUCTION: Lets now consider and learn from these two points: (1). The Humble Cry Of These Men Who Followed Jesus and (2). The Heart Cry Of A Sincere Follower Today.


(1)        The Humble Cry Of These Men Who Followed Jesus (Matt. 20:29‑33).


As Jesus was passing by the way of Jericho, two blind men who heard it began to cry out for help (Matt. 20:29‑30).  While they did that, the multitude rebuked them demanding that they should keep quiet.  But these men, aware of their abject helplessness and the fact that only Christ could help them, cried out the more until Jesus stopped, called and asked them what they wanted exactly.  Then they said that our eyes may be opened@.  At that instant, Jesus moved with compassion upon them, touched their eyes and healed them (Matt. 20:31‑34).


They recognised Jesus Christ as the Lord, the very son of David, the Saviour of mankind (Mtt. 20:30‑31; Jn. 4:42).  Determined to receive their desire, they humbled themselves and kept calling and crying out to the only Lord who could help them, not minding who feels or says what.


(2)        The Heart Cry Of A Sincere Follower Today (Matt. 20:30‑33).


Somebody might not be physically blind but might be spiritually.  And the one that opens the eyes of the physically blind also much more opens the eyes of the spiritually blind, providing that the blind recognises it and appropriately cries out for help (cp. Jn. 9:39‑41).  If we do what they did we will receive that they received.


As followers of Christ today, we need to cry out that our eyes might be opened to the uniqueness of Christ ‑ the God incarnate (Eph. 1:17‑18; Heb. 1:5‑8); the eternal word of God personified (Jn. 1:1‑4, 14), the very Son of God (Lk. 1:32); the only way, the truth and the life (Jn. 14:6); the only access to Father (Matt. 11:27); the only Saviour, the only mediator for man (Act. 4:12; 1Tim. 2:5).


We should also heartily cry out that God might definitely open our eyes of understanding to the universality of the Gospel ‑ the fact that the salvation in Christ is not meant for the Jews only but for all and sundry, irrespective of their time, tribe or tongue, irrespective of their race, culture or creed (cp. Matt. 26:28; 28:18‑19; Mk. 16:15; Jn. 4:42; Act. 4:12; 1Tim. 2:5; 1Jn. 2:2).


We need to sincerely cry out that the Lord might open our eyes to the reality of the cry of the damned now and those who will remain damned throughout all eternity (cp. Jn. 3:18‑19, 36; Matt. 13:36‑43, 47‑50; Mk. 9:43‑48).


When our eyes are thus opened, we will see as we ought to, act as we ought to and speak as we ought to.  No person will beg a believer whose spiritual eyes are opened to weep and intercede for the lost, and also to go about to seek to win them for the Lord (Jude 23).

 Fellowship Song (HSCF 236)

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