Texts:          Num. 23:1-20, 2Tim. 3:9

 Today we will go ahead to survey the influence of that question what has the Lord spoken?  Now the worlds around us.

What Has The Lord Spoken – The Influence In The World Around Us.

Seeing that even the enemy of the people of God who was ready to pay heavily to secure a curse against them ended up asking what has the Lord spoken: It follows therefore that:


*          The physical world of the enemy is influenced by what God says.  They cannot but be subject to the words, will and counsel of God (Num. 23:1-11).


*          The physical world of the believer is influenced by what Lord says, because – they have come to know that the Word of God is the power, will and the mind of God, against which He (God) cannot operate.  Therefore, they seek it, and live by it (Lk. 7:6-7; 1:38; Eccl. 8:4).


*          It influences the spiritual world of the darkness, because that world knows the potency of the Word even more than most believers.  They know the Speaker and the power behind the Word. They were in heaven with the Speaker and the Word, hence they tremble at the Word — (Jn.1:1; Jam. 2:19; Mk. 1:21-26; 5:1-8; Acts 8:5-7).


*          It influences the spiritual world of light because, God stands by to defend His Word, and His Spirit, is red alert to execute the Word as soon He speaks.  The Angels are standing by to perform His biddings and counsel.  Moreover the Lord knows that the failure of His Word is His failure, so none of His Words is void of power. (Gen. 1:1-3,9; Lk. 1:11-14,19; Jer. 2:12; Ezk. 12:25)


Our Confidence As Believers And Watchmen In Particular.

As Israel was a special nation and people unto the Lord in the Old Testament, so are we, the believers, and the Watchmen in particular, in these last days of the Church age.  Therefore, whether as individuals, or as a congregation, living right before God ( Note: that sinners have no portion in this except they repent and turn to Jesus Christ), we should have this confidence that, it cannot be to us according to the will of the enemy but according to what God has spoken.  Therefore, what has God spoken concerning us let that supercede what the enemy has spoken or planned.  And if God has not spoken it then there is no need to fear. Remember that Israel was ignorant of the whole transaction between Balaam and Balak.

From what we know about what God has spoken (The Word of God) what volume of faith should we now put in the spoken word to change our world and situations.

Let us go to God in prayers.

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