By ‘making waves with the mandate’, we mean ‘doing exploits with the authority given to us. It is expected that every watchman emerge from his shell to get involved in service. For, after Elisha received the mantle, he didn’t stay put at the site of Elijah’s ascension, he rather returned to his base to serve.


We shall draw our lessons from the words of the Master unto His disciples, after His resurrection; which shall be coming under the following sub-headings (A) The Authority (B) The Assignment (C) The Assurance.


(A)      THE AUTHORITY(Matt.28:16-18)


Unto the apostles, the Lord Jesus risen from the dead, revealed that all power has been given to Him.

The efficacy of the truth was not subject to the faith of any person, as He gave the information to the group irrespective of the doubts of some of them.

The authority was received following His success at the cross (cons. Gen.3:15, Phil.2:8-11, Col.2:15, 1Jn.3:8).

Every believer is expected to be fully aware of this authority; for it is the basis of victory in all ramifications of life.


(B)      THE ASSIGNMENT (Matt.28:19-20a)


 After creating the awareness of the power backing them, He commanded them to go and TEACH (GK. Matheteus pronounced. Math-ayt-yoo-o means “To disciple”) all nations … TEACHING them (causing them to learn) all things that He commanded …


Today, we must decide to take up this great assignment. We must first accept the assignment in our hearts, and then if there is anything in our lives or on our ways that could hinder the accomplishment, we go to God in prayer for His intervention. Unconditional acceptance of the assignment is the basis of your miracle.


Watchmen (and all born again persons) must resolve to reach out to the sinners with the gospel from hence forth. Signs from heaven in favour of such believers is guaranteed (cons. Mk.16:15-18,20).


(C)      THE ASSURANCE (Matt. 28:20b)


After handing out the assignment, the ever faithful Lord assured them of His unfailing presence (cp. Matt.18:20). The Lord never fails nor forsakes the faithful. Whosoever accepts the message of this Charismatic Hour to engage in the business of the Master, shall experience the Lord’s reciprocation beyond the person’s imagination!

Let’s rise to pray

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