The Theatre Arts Unit

This is another great rod of the movement, born at a time when the world is completely given to entertainment of all ungodly sort.


The importance of the theatre Arts Unit cannot be over emphasized as it has been designed to release to the nations, life giving and transforming messages through drama.


Such life generating plays acted by spirit filled people have the potency to penetrate all formidable barriers – be it social, ethnic, racial, international, religious etc., to get a divine result (cons. Isa. 49: 5, 6; 55:11; Heb. 4:12).  What a great rod in the hands of the Watchman!


The watchmen are to put value on this unit by investing in the procurement of state of arts equipment that would make for better production; patronizing their products, participating in the unit, and sustaining the actors in prayers.

Every investment made into the unit is a kingdom-investment and is like a Precious Seed sown on a fertile ground (cons. Ps. 126:6; Lk. 12:32 -34; Jn. 12 : 3-8; Acts 4:32-37).


We shall subsequently consider the place of listening to audio/recordings (messages).

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