Perfume your hearts continually with the Word of God

 (cons. Deut.6:6-9, Jos.1:8, Ps.1:1-3, 4:4, 119:1-4, 9-11, 50, 105, 148, 162, Rom.10:17, 1Tim.4:15, 1Pt.2:2, 2Pt.1:12).


To perfuse means ‘to spread or cover completely, to permeate with light, a liquid etc, to flood with something’


One of the first indicative marks of new birth is the development of quest for the Word of God, which is the food of the spirit (cons. Jn.1:14, 6:32-36,48-51, 1Pt.2:2). This desire, if not sustained by feeding on the word, would be lost, because of the activities of the flesh (cons. Gal.5:17    ); and the individual would return to his old life of the unregenerate (cons. 1Cor.2:14, 2Pt.2:22). To maintain a walk in the will of God, an individual must be acquainted with the Word of God; and this is primarily acquired from the scriptures. Therefore, searching the scriptures is a must for all that would stay healthy in God’s will (cons. Jn.5:39, Ps.119:11,105,133,162).


The Word of God has inherent life that quickens whosoever takes it in (cons. 1Pt.1:23, Heb.4:12, Jn.15:3, 6:63, Ps.119:9-11). It has capacity to generate immunity and make the body and soul stay healthy or get healed if diseased (cons. Prov.4:20-22, Ps.91:1-3, 9-10, 107:20). It works in the soul to bring about soundness of mind and peace (Ps.119:49,50,103, Mic.2:7).

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