Marriage Defined

Heb. 13:4


The perfect Biblical definition of marriage is “the act of a woman separating from her parents with consent of the later, and being joined to one man (also separating from his parents), the two now living and sharing their lives together as necessary and accomplishing parts of each other”. 


This is what happened in such faultless Bible-time marriages as those of Adam and Eve (Gen. 2:18, 21-24), Isaac and Rebekah (Gen. 24:1-4, 9-26, 28-51, 53-67), and all other such marriages.


However, the Bible also has record of marriages that contradict this definition of “one man, one wife”, such as Jacob’s (Gen. 29:15-30), king David (1Sam. 25:39-43), king Solomon (1Kgs. 11:1-3), etc.  This is polygamy, the error of which shall be discussed as we come to the point of polygamy in the course of these marriage teachings.

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