We’ve observed that scammers now update their names to various admin names in social media groups… with a purpose to give it a look-alike and confuse and members of the group believe that they are relating with the right admin. 


We have also observed that these scammers try to be proactive on social groups, by showing concern to complaints, post godly like messages, contribute actively to you posts, chat up members privately in pretense, in as though to help one resolve issues and or make or reply to inquiries. Thereafter they add the one to another group  (unknowingly to the one) with some other names and contacts in the original group, identified as admin just to make one feel safe. 


Due to these developments, we advise every one of us, to be on the guard, and critically observe the following:


*A.*  Always check up on the page/group URL, usernames, or phone numbers of any chat that has a familiar name. There can only be one URL/one username/one phone-number to one person. 

Username: Unique Identification (ID) for an individual in a particular social platform or website

URL: Uniform Resource Locator for a website or page address e.g. www.website-or-webpage-url.com, www.website-or-webpage-url.org, www.website-or-webpage-url.net, etc.

Slug: A website slug is the part of a URL which identifies a particular page on a website in an easy to read form. In other words, it’s the part of the URL that explains the page’s content.



*The following are our valid social media phone numbers, user names, and URL slugs*


@vowtelevision (Telegram)

Whatsapp (+2347020126226)

live:vowtelevision (Skype)










*To confirm if you are communicating with the right admin;*

? Go to the platform settings where you can view all members

? Checkup on the admin name chatting with you, and make sure it has the admin tagged/symbols to the name…

? Also carefully study to differentiate the names/Username/ID/Slugs that seem almost identical…

? And then send a private hello message only to the name with the admin tagged/symbols.


If you don’t see any previous related chat before your hello message, then you are relating or have been relating with the wrong person. Also observe further by going through your chat message entries, you will see the two names on your recent chat list. Study the two/multiple names and report immediately to the appropriate quarters.


*B.* Do not lose your guard, feel safe, or assume you are in the right group/page/sites… because it bears/embeds some phrases/full part of the Ministry’s names/slugs such as; WCCRM, VOWTV. VOWTelvision, Voice of Watchman, Watchman Voice, Watchman Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement, Voice of the Last Days Ministry, or contains most of our related posts. Always check out the purpose of the group, the creator of the group, the admin’s names/usernames (username is important if there is a group-alike in same platform you already belong to)


  1. Although we maintain the following slugs/phrases for all ministry’s media affairs “vowtv, vowtelevision, wccrm,” always call on the national media directorate using the given phone numbers below to clarify your doubts whenever you observed or receive any such confusing/unhealthy/misleading instructions coming in from the mentioned slugs either sent personally to you (offline) or via any internet/online social handles in the world wide web (www).

+2348058440275 – Pastor Mike Ihenacho 

+2348037125655 – Bro. Paul Igwe 

+2347020126226 – Official Line for Voice of Watchman Social/Online Affairs




We acknowledge that we also have our regions/dioceses/district/parishes and other ministry’s arms who are active and present on the world wide web using the ministry’s related slug/name followed by their locations/arm’s names… And we have the list of all that have been verified/approved/acknowledged. (kindly visit to verify: vow television.com/verifyrequest, to request if a group is acknowledged by the ministry). 


To filter the chaff from the wheat, we want to use this medium to encourage all media heads handling any media affairs on the world wide web and using the ministry’s name/phrase, to kindly get an acknowledgment/approval/clearance from the director, or fill in the verification form by visiting vowtelevision.com/verify.


Thank you and more grace.


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