Today, we are confronted with heathens that have invaded our neighborhood with the mind to occupy and possess. They have military might but are estranged to the covenant of Israel (cons. 1Sam.17:8-11, 20-26). Anybody that comes against Israel (God’s people) has come against God (Zech.2:8, Ex.23:22).


We shall praise, pray (make our arguments) and pass decrees to secure our mission on earth (Job 22:25-28, Mk.11:23).


Let us rise up to praise, pray and pass decrees.


HSCF 242, 243, 245


(Rev.4:11)  Let’s raise our hands up to thank the Lord for how He has led us so far. Appreciate all that you can remember that He did for you, your household and acquaintances.


(Jer.9:23,24, Ps.89:14) The Lord delights in righteousness and justice, and both constitute the foundations of His throne; therefore, let’s present the injustice and evils plaguing the nation before the Lord and ask Him to appropriately respond.


(Isa.5:20,23) Pray that the Lord will judge all those who are in the position of stopping the bloodshed by herdsmen but are rather turning blind eyes to the atrocities, (thus saying that nothing is wrong).


(Lam.3:36) Since the Lord does not approve of defrauding a man in his lawsuit, let’s ask the Lord to judge the people who are not responding to the cries of the terrorized indigenes


(Isa.25:7-8, Prov.20:8)  Let’s pray that the Lord will break the spell of blindness and apathy upon the people in this nation, so that they may react to the great oppression going on in the nation.


(Habk.1:8,12, Isa.5:8)  Let’s pray that the Lord will frustrate all strategies being employed to usurp people’s land in this nation. Let the Lord tackle the oppressors and terrorists; block their means of sustenance; expose their sponsors and weaponry.


(Zeph.3:16-20) Pray that the Lord will undo all that are planning genocide or war in this nation, seeing that the gospel thrives at peaceful periods.


(Jer.29:11) Let’s pray that God’s will be done in the matter of the fate of this nation.


(Job 5:12,13) Let’s pray that the Lord will frustrate all those involved in designing vaccines (with ulterior motives) for global deployment.


(Job 22:28) *Let us then decree that the effort to pass a bill that mandates forceful vaccination be aborted.  *Let us decree that all Paganism/unrighteous religious agenda of the nation pass away like a dream of the night. *Let’s decree that COVID-19 becomes history in this nation before July 17th, 2020.


Finally, present your needs to the Lord.

Thank Him for answers to prayers.

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