Receiving And Speaking The Word Appropriately

To achieve the desired results from the word of God, both the speaker (especially) and the receivers must be people that tremble at and hallow God’s word.  (Is.66:2Mt.5:19Acts 2:41Mt.8:8-10,132Chron.20:20Jer.23:28-29)


The receivers must gladly receive God’s word (1Sam.3:10Acts 2:41). Both the speaker and the receivers must speak and receive the word in faith, being aware of who the word of God is and what He is sent to do. When this rule is religiously observed, the results from speaking God’s word becomes tremendous on both the speaker and the receivers. Now we should get set to receive His word on our needs. Somebody should say like the centurion, A Speak the word only and all my needs will be met. Now hear His word: Lk.11:9-13Mt.11:28Is.45:22Jn.16:241Kgs.3:5.

Now that the LORD has spoken, what ought you to do. Rise and seriously get engaged to heaven for your needs with His word.

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