Why Speak The Word Only

The word of God, being God has all the attributes and potency of God, the Almighty. He is quick and powerful, ever recognized and settled in heaven, reveals the thoughts and ways of God, the deep and secret things so that we can ask according to God’s word that creates and recreates. He prevails over all and sundry, is magnified above all God’s name. (Num.23:19Heb.4:12-136:17-18Jn.6:631:1-5Ps.119:89138:2Jer.1:12Is.55:8-11Mt.5:18-19).


God is ever waiting to defend His word. The word is the sword the Spirit uses.

So, speaking the word is announcing God with all His attributes and potency. It is setting all the amours of God in motion. It is releasing an indescribable and immeasurable authority, which nothing or no being can withstand or resist.


It is declaring the judgement of the apex court in the Spiritual and Physical worlds (the Court of Heaven) for execution or enforcement. Where the Spirit is, speaking the word is stirring Him up for action.

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