Separation from Distractions


Man’s fallen nature makes him prone to distractions and averse to spirituality (Gal.5:17, Rom.7:22-24). These negative tendencies synergize to generate in the carnal, lack-lustre deficient living. Therefore the Lord Jesus, the Author of our faith (Heb.12:2), during His earthly ministry demonstrated the blueprint for abundant living (Jn.8 :12, Matt.11:29b, 6:33).


It is common knowledge that whenever a high intensity message or experience was in the offing, Jesus often toed the path of separation (cons. Matt.5:1-11, Lk.4:1-14, 9:28).


The same attitude should hold when one wants to either give or get the best from God (cons. Jn.12:24, Lk.16:13, 9:59-62, Mk.10:28-30, Ex.19:9-11,14-15).

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