Steps to freedom from Critical Mindedness

Steps to freedom from Critical Mindedness

The Lord strongly objects to the manifestation of the trait, as it is an evidence of the absence of divine love

(cons. 1Cor13:7Matt. 7:3-5Gal. 6:1,4Rom. 14:13).

The impenitent critical minded one will ultimately be damned as a sequel of the damage inflicted on self, or to other people or to the house of God (Gal. 6:7-82Pet.2:9-13Heb. 12:15Rom. 14:13Pro. 28:2). (Matt. 15:13)



The following are steps to freedom from the damning infirmity: –

(i)        Recognize the gravity of one’s crippling condition (cons. Ps. 51:3-5).

(ii).      Repent of the offence caused by the condition (Prov. 28:13).

(iii).    Restitute where applicable (cons. Lk. 19:8-9Act. 24:16).

(iv).     Resist the resurgence of such attitude (cons. 1Pet. 5:5).

(v).      Reject friends of such feathers (cons. 1Cor. 15:33)

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