Description And Devastation Of ‘Critical Mindedness’

By critical mindedness, it is meant “the disposition or inclination to criticize or find fault”.


This trait is a cancerous development in a Christian’s life, and is unfortunately prevalent in this age. Like an aberration, it causes the distortion of the vision of its victim. The vision of the fault finder can be likened to that presented when one looks through a dirty, wet and stained window pane.

The sick of this infirmity often engage in all or some of the following repulsive activities: – meddling or interfering in matters that don’t pertain to them (1Pet. 4:15); condemning others without considering the people’s circumstances or their own inadequacies (cons. Ps.103:13-142Pet.2:9-12Matt. 7:3-5); over estimating themselves (1Cor. 8:2Gal. 6:3), consciously or unconsciously boasting of their credits or ability (cons. 1Cor. 4:7), and refusing to learn or be taught because of the associated sense of perfection or adequacy (cons. Jn. 9:40-41, cp. Phil. 3:13).

This infirmity (critical mindedness) wreaks havoc in homes, as affected partners or members of household are continually exposed to stress from the battering words of the critical mouth; in the house of God, it creates tension and tumoils as the critic displays ungodly boldness to speak evil of authority or of others (cons. Tit. 3:2Jude 8,10a).  While this trait may have some positive impact in the polity (because of the unregenerated nature of most of the actors), it is repugnant and malignant in the house of God. (Cons. Num.12:1-1016:1-1520-32Rom14:4Jas.4:10,12)

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