Transition From Hope Mentality 

Hope is at work when promises are made, awaiting fulfilment.  Those who are made promises are usually advised to wait patiently for the promises, while keeping such promises in view.  In a case where promises have been fulfilled, it calls for a transition from the mentality of hope, on the part of those promised, to the mentality of possession.  It will be unreasonable to continue hoping for what has been made available (consHeb.11:1).

(Rom. 8:24-25)


God has given us salvation through Christ and also His Holy Spirit, why does one yet wait in hope for His salvation and Spirit which He has already given? The things freely given us by God are not again to be hoped for but to be received.


All we need is to develop genuine love for God and receive His Spirit.  With this, we can move on by faith to possess the things freely given us by Him.


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