Subtitle:        The Prayer Answering God of Revelation


Text:              2kgs. 6:8-23



As we progress in our expository message on the God of Elijah, it is imperative to remind all that (i) it was the faith that Elisha had in the God of his master that led to his exploits in the ministry (Dan.11:32) (ii) The God of Elijah, who is the God of Elisha is the God of the Watchman, and what He did of old is well able to do today (Mal.3:6).


We have so far seen the God of Elijah as the Water Divider, Great Provider, Great Deliverer, The God Without Limitation and The Healer of Israel.


In this message, we shall see Him as The Prayer Answering God of Revelation.


As usual, we shall analyse our text and make our application.




  1. The Raids planned by the Syrian King (2Kgs6:8).

The enemy king planned predatory raids against the king of Israel which were thwarted. It is a known military strategy to take one’s enemy unawares (cons. Josh.8:1-5). This also applies in the spirit-realm.


The enemy always takes counsel to attack and overcome the people of God but the prayer answering God will always thwart such plans (cons. Isa.59:19, 8:9-10, Ps.23:5a).  It will amount to costly carelessness for any person to be ignorant of this.


  1. The Revelations to the Prophet of God (2Kgs.6:9-12)

God has a way of revealing things to His servants through dreams, vision, voices, signs and intuition (Ps.25:14, Isa.46:10, Amos3:7). The prophet acted promptly with the revelations received and thereby saved the life of the king and by extension preserved Israel (cons. Zech.13:7). There are people that “waste” the revelations of God, only testifying after the purpose of the information has been defeated.


iii.       The Retaliation against the prophet (2Kgs.6:13-14)

The Syrian king, as expected, strategized to eliminate the person standing on his way to accomplishing his objective (cons. 2Kgs.1:3-9, 1Kgs.22:14, 23-27). But this plan was also thwarted. It is in the same manner that the enemy stands against the praying honest, incorruptible and prosperous (cons. Dan.6:3-7).


  1. The Reassurance by Elisha (2Kgs.6:15-17)

The sight of the well equipped Syrian soldiers sent fear into the heart of the uninformed servant of Elisha and he cried out. The man of God prayed for the deliverance of his servant and the Lord answered by opening his spiritual eyes to see their formidable protection, and the servant was reassured (cons. Ps.34:7, 125:2). Knowledge is one of the greatest assets a pilgrim can have (cons. Prov.8:10, 11:9b, 22:4,5). It is a priceless key of deliverance. The believer must know the divine defense around him and live in that confidence (Ps.125:2, Col.3:3).


  1. The Result of Elisha’s knowledge of his God (2Kgs.6:18-23)

Elisha prays to God in faith and God answered, reenacting what He did in the time of Abraham (Gen.19:9-11). And ultimately the predators turned to be need preys (cons. 2Kgs.1:4-14).


Any believer that knows the Lord is bound to live victoriously irrespective of the sophistication of the antagonists or enemies (Dan.11:32b).





  • Day 1. There are people that have been confederated against (in the physical and/or
  • spiritual realms) and the evidences may or may not yet be showing (in their health, wealth, marriage, academics, etc); the prayer answering God of revelation shall hear your prayers today… the things done in the secret shall be made open and the plans of the wicked shall fail in Jesus’ Name.
  • The Lord shall thwart the plans of your enemies (Isa.44:25). The erstwhile predators shall become preys (Deut.33:27, Mic.5:8-9)
  • Day 2. Irrespective of the opposition being faced or contended with, there should be no
  • fear, because those with you are greater than those with your opponent (2Kgs.6:16, 1Jn.4:4). Our God shall deliver you from all your troubles in Jesus Name (Lam.3:37).
  • Let us rise up and pray. HSCF
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