The Sign of Persecutions, Abounding Iniquity and Its Effect

The Sign of Persecutions (Matt. 24:9-10).


This began almost immediately Christ left, and has continued through the history.  The apparent lack of persecution in some Christian quarters today is a function of  compromise, conformity, coldness and abandonment of the great commission (Matt. 28:19).  Go to those true believers who take the commanded stand against sin, injustice and evil of all kinds, and they will tell you their story of persecutions (cp. Isa. 58:1; Jn. 7:7).  Sometimes, the persecutions are direct from Satan.


The Sign of Abounding Iniquity and Its Effect (Matt. 24:12).


This is perhaps one of the most critical signs of the imminence of rapture.  Evidently, the rate at which evil is increasing is unprecedented.  Aside the level of Godlessness, immorality and violence in the world at large, what is more heart-throbbing, is perhaps the manner in which these have ravaged the church today.  For many church people and preachers, sexual immorality is no more sin (cp. Gal. 5:19; 1Cor. 6:9); divorce/ remarriage is fast becoming normative (cp. Matt. 19:3-10); vehement condemnation of sin and  warning against the danger of  hell fire, are totally absent from many pulpits. What do you say in a situation when Church Bishops are  champions in the present abominable practice of homosexuality and lesbianism —gay-Bishops?  What do you say of Gospel ministers that use curious powers to perform miracles?


This is a generation where those who should constitute light have turned into total darkness.  Indeed the midnight is almost here with us.  Beware, lest you be overtaken  (Matt. 25:1-13).

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