The Colt Tied

By Carllister Ejinkeonye

Luke 19:29-38

What we are going to look at today is more of a discourse where you will need to participate in either through emails or stopping to ask yourself some questions after each sub topic.  It is one that will make a Christian youth to differ from other youths and qualify him as God’s instrument of change in this generation.

A Tied Colt
There are some definite things associated with this particular colt viz.
∙ The Lord had need of it 
∙ No man has ever sat on it
∙ The colt was tied

The Lord Had Need Of It (Luke 19:29-31).

This point in the life of the Lord Jesus was very important. It was close to the time of His death. Though He had been moving among the people without any recognition so to say, it was time for them to see Him as the Christ, Messiah and “King of the Jews” and so He needed to have a triumphant entry into Jerusalem this time. How was it to be done? By riding on a colt as had been prophesied long before now (Matthew 21:4-9; Zechariah 9:9; John.12:15), hence the statement “…because the Lord hath need of him” to round off the  last phase of His programme in the first advent.
We are right into the last phase of the end time programme and to get into the phase of His second coming, which should be the utmost priority of youths and people of the world but unfortunately the activities and evils of these last days are such that have actually sent them far away from their Maker and Redeemer qualifying them for death and hell (cons. Daniel 12:4; 2 Timothy 3:1-5; 1 Timothy 4:1-2; Matthew 24:12; Psalm 9:17; Proverbs 14:12). Their attention must be refocused on the coming King as it was done on that day (cons. Matthew 26:6-11). The instrument of doing that is YOU – the Christian Youth: God’s instrument of change, a special breed. So, the Lord has need of you.

No Man Has Ever Sat On It (Luke 19:30) 

There were many virgins in Israel and many lepers in the day of Elisha but not all were chosen for the roles that Mary and the widow of Zaraphat played neither did all lepers benefit from the ministry of Elisha as did Naaman (Luke 1:26-31; 4:25-27).
Likewise, there were many colts and asses at this time when Jesus needed to enter into Jerusalem in an unusual manner. He needed a colt that no man has ever sat on. Why?

  • God has always requested for whatever sacrifice or service given to Him to be without any manner of blemish or contamination (Leveticus 3:1,6; 21:16-21; Exodus 19:10,11; Proverbs 15:8,9,26; 1 Peter 1:14-16). The individual offering the sacrifice must be purged and clean (2 Timothy 2:20 -22; John 15:3).
  • He commands that His vessels be set apart and consecrated unto Him. He delights to have the entire glory and joy of owning them (cons. Numbers 16:8-10; Exodus 19:5-6; Leveticus 20:22-26; Titus 2:11-14; Isaiah 42:8).
  • He remains the first in their lives and the priority in all their choices and decisions (cons. Exodus 20:1-6; Daniel 3:13-18; Genesis 39:7-9; Acts 4:15-20; 5:25-29). Expediency remains their watchword in choice making (1 Corinthians 6:12; 10:23).
If a youth must meet this condition and fulfill that God-ordained purpose and plan, then like the colt, he must be tied.

The Colt Tied

When one is tied, it means he does not do anything at his own will. He does not have the freedom others may seem to be ‘enjoying’. He is owned and does all to please Him that owns him (cons. Rom.6:16, 18-20). The Christian youth has been bought with a great price and now owned to live and please Him that has bought him (1 Corinthians 6:19,20; 2 Corinthians 5:14-17).
It is unfortunate that many youths are uncomfortable with the standard and operations of the church. Many see it as being in bondage and so are window shopping, desiring the ways of the sub-standard churches and other youths around (consider 1 Samuel 8:1-5). They should know that it is  only the colt that is tied and unscratched that can be ridden by the Messiah to show forth His glory and power and attract multitudes to His second coming. (Luke 19:29-38). What an incomparable role for the Christian youth; choosing to be FREE from the damnable attachments and freedom of this fast passing world and be in bondage to Christ and His course (1 Corinthians 7:22; 9:21b; consider 1 John 2:15-17). Such youths are colts tied, keeping themselves for their Master and Owner. They do not trade their love for the Lord for the temporal pleasures from boy/girl relationships, ungodly dressing and ambitions (Hebrews 1:24-27; Phil.3:7,8). Rules and regulations, counsels and input from parents, brethren, ministers and church are neither grievous nor irritating to the ‘tied colts’ (1 John.5:3; Proverbs 7:1-5; 4:1-6).
The colt tied knows it is no longer him that lives (Gal.2:20; Phil.1:20). He lives, moves, relates with others and do every other thing in the consciousness of the will of his owner. The blessing that accrue to youth of this virtue cannot be quantified.
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