The Reward (A continuation of “the colt tied”)

The Reward (Luke 19:29-38).

All the youths who will surrender to the Lord fully to the point that they are tied to His will, reserving no part of themselves to any other person or thing but allowing Him to loose them at His own will can be sure, that God in turn gives His all to them. They become the Lord’s boasting and pride (Job 1:8; 2:3; Exodus 19:5,6; Leveticus 20:26; Numbers 8:14).
  • They become vessels unto honour (2 Timothy 2:20,21)


  • They receive daily nutrients for complete development (John 15:1-4)


  • Having kept themselves unspotted from any other person or things, they are preserved as the bride of Christ (Eph.5:26-27)


  • They are God’s instrument of fulfilling His end-time programme (Lk. 19:31; Matt.21:1-5)


  • They shall be fulfilled for accomplishing their God-given role.


How privileged these youths are?  Are you one?
  • From the much we have discussed, what do you understand by the phrase the colt tied? Give examples from the Scriptures of people who could be described as the colt tied. From their reactions, could one say that they were happy to accept that disposition? Quote some statements they made to prove your answer.


  • For a Christian youth to overcome and have testimony of successfully passing through his youthful stage , he must be a colt tied. True or false? If your answer is in the affirmative, give clear instances of life where he must be a colt tied.


  • Explain the statement “no man has ever sat on it” (Luke 19:30. Why did Jesus make a request for a colt with this quality?  In what area can this statement be applied to a youth? And how can he meet with this requirement?


  • “The Lord has need of him”. Explain this statement. Apply it to the Christian youth with definite instances. Relate Luke 19:32-38 to the true Christian youth’s role in the end-time programme of God.


  • What does the Christian youth stand to benefit from applying this information: The colt was tied, no man ever sat on it and the Lord had need of him?


  • Read Luke 19:30-31 again and see if there is any new information you get for a visitation in your life (consider Isaiah 49:24-25).
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