The Faith Generated

Faith in our context is simply the trust or confidence that develops as a result of awareness. It is an active and positive, principle based-state of the heart  (cons. Heb.11:1, 2Tim.1:8,11-12, Matt.8:5-10). It is therefore, neither the transient excitement that is generated by fables or facts that  contradict God’s purpose (cons. 1Sam.16:6,7, Isa.55:8,9), nor the occasional manifestation of the gift of faith which the Holy Spirit releases for some special assignments (cons. 1Cor.12:7-9, 14:12). Faith is essential for result-oriented, impact-making prayers (cons. Heb.11:6, Jas.1:6-8). Although, there may be incidents where faith appeared to be in lack and yet some positive results were realized (after prayer was made), such incidents are not ideal and so should be considered as >miracles of mercy= (cons. Acts 12:1-5, 11-16, Rom.2:4, 9:12-16).


Any Volcanic prayer without this essential ingredient is futile and amounts to mere noise-making (implied 1Kgs.18:25-29, Matt.6:7 cp. 1Cor.13:1-3). Faith is in grades and has capacity to grow (cons. Rom.10:17, 12:6, 2Cor.10:15 cp. Matt.14:31, 16:8; 15:28, 8:10). It is always based on knowledge (cons. Prov.24:4, Rom.10:17; 14:14-22).


The measure of faith generated in the course of prayer is usually sequel to a combination of factors viz:


(a)    Knowledge of the Person and ability of God unto whom the prayer is being made (cons. Acts 11:6, Lk.11:13, Jer.9:23,24; 32:17,27, Deut.32:39). This forms the foundation of the generated faith; for if one is ignorant of the greatness of the Person being addressed, how can such optimize his receiving-potential?  Note: One possesses only what he is able to see (cons. Gen.13:14-15, 15:3-6 cp. Num.21:8-9).


(b)  Knowledge of the Promises (word) of God (cons. 2Pt.1:3-4, Heb.6:12, 8:6, 2Cor.1:20, Rom.15:4, 10:17). It should be noted that faith is a cardinal expression of the nature of God (Rom.6:16-17) and a requirement for all His offsprings (Habk.2:4, 1Cor.4:7, Heb.11:6).


(c)    Knowledge from Personal encounters, of the ways of God (cons. 1Sam.17:26,33-37, Ps.23:1-6, 46:1-9, 103:7; Rom.5:3-5). The experiences that a believer passes through are divinely supervised to boost the person=s understanding of God and His ways, and thereby furnishing and upgrading the person’s treasury (cons. Jer.29:11, Rom.8:28, 1Cor.10:13).


(d)    Knowledge from People=s testimonies of the ways or workings of God (cons. Ps.40:8-10, 96:2-3, 105:1-2). When one who understands that God is not partial in character listens to testimonies of others, his faith is boosted to believe for His own visitation (cons. Rom.2:11, Acts 10:34-35, Jn.4:39).


During prayers, the issues of these factors synergize to generate faith that inturn makes the prayers effectual or impactful (cons. Jas.5:6, Acts 4:23-30,31; 2Chro.6:1-24,40-42, 7:1; 1Kgs.18:36-38).


Any prayer without faith is like a rocket without an engine (cp. Jas.2:20).           HSCF: 117, 230

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