The Operation of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is not just an innate or abstract force but a living Being with intelligence, emotion and ability (cons. Matt.11:31-32, 28:19, Acts 5:3, 13:2-4).


To expound the indispensable and irreplaceable function of the Holy Spirit in effective prayers, we shall briefly analyse the title given to Him by the Lord Jesus Christ when encouraging His disciples, and spoke of another COMFORTER= (Jn.14:16,26, 15:26, 16:7).


The word comforter¬†used in the new testament was translated from the Greek word Parakl t s which means Aone summoned, called to one’s side, especially called to one=s aid@. It was translated advocate in 1Jn.2:1 in which it was applied to Christ. In the root of the word Parakl t s are the ideas of advising, exhorting, comforting, strengthening, interceding and encouraging. In other words, these reflected ideas reflect the shades of operation of the Holy Spirit in a believer=s general life, and manifested in the course of prayers.


It is common knowledge that man is laddened with diverse infirmities which generally hinder spirituality and in particular, spiritual exercises like prayer (cons. Matt.26:40,41, Rom.7:15,18,24, Gal.5:17 cp. Heb.5:8). And so, to pray effectively or result orientedly, the believer must employ the services of the Comforter, the Great Strengthener, Intercessor, Encourager (see Rom.8:11,26, Jn.14:16,26). It should be noted that the measure of the Holy Spirit received determines the level of His operation or activity in a person=s life (cons. Jn.3:34, Rom.15:15-20, 1Cor.15:8-10, 2Cor.12:7-10). At salvation, one receives a measure described as the earnest of the Spirit (cons. 2Cor.1:22, 5:5) however, requires the baptismal measure for maximum efficiency (cons. Lk.24:49, Acts 1:7-8, 19:1-6).


The Holy Spirit energizes the believer before, during and after the course of prayer. He helps to direct the prayer through the giving of impressions, utterances, revelations, reminding of scriptures, songs etc. (cons. Acts 4:23-31, 13:2, Jn.14:26, Hos.14:2, Isa.41:21). In the course of prayer, the Spirit originating ministrations could be designed to reveal the necessary prayer point, prayer type, prayer pattern, stage of the prayer process, pitfalls and prognosis of the exercise (implied Jn.14:12-18, 16:13; cons. Acts 16:6-9, 25-26, 22:17-21, 1Tim.2:1).


What a Super Aid to prayers, the believer has in the Person of the Holy Ghost!


Strongly desire Him; seek His second touch and the road will be clear for His baptismal invasion into your life (Matt.5:6, 7:7-8, Lk.11:13, Acts 1:7-8; Habk.1:13).


HSCF: 200 & 207

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