The Place Of Prayer In The Life Of A Pilgrim

Our God is a God that answers prayers that are made according to His will, as long as such prayers also fulfill other conditions for answer to prayers (cp. Ps. 65:21Jn. 5:14). Let’s recall that prayer is the divinely ordained channel for granting, releasing or bringing to pass God’s will/purpose (Gen. 20:6,7,17,18Job 42:7-8Ezk. 36:33-37).


As strangers and pilgrims, we cannot do without prayer, and acceptable prayer for that matter, if we want to succeed in this life and be able to reach home at the end (1Pt. 2:11,12).  This is because there are many adversaries on the way to hinder (1Pt. 5:8,9).


In the circumstance, an overcoming pilgrim must be a praying pilgrim (Eph. 6:181Thess. 5:17).  This is moreso as we draw the closer to the last day (Rev. 12:12).


Prayer is known to be the normal way of life of the believer (Matt. 6:5-7) and if we are commanded to pray always, then much more so at such a perilous time (cp. Matt. 24:122Tim. 3:1).


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