The God Of Glory And Power: The Ocean Divider

The age long dream of the Israelites could neither be hindered by the Red Sea nor the River Jordan at their peak periods when the time was ripe for the realization. The Ocean Divider would neither allow the great sea nor the river Jordan to constitute an obstacle to redeeming His age long promise to His people. The God of glory and power only needed to release the words of empowerment to His servants, who brought down His glory and power through obedience. The great sea and river saw the glory and power and fled. And as the Israelites followed in faith (not fearing), they passed clean over and possessed their promised land.

 Psalm 114:1-8Exodus 14:15-16,21-22Joshua 3:13-17


For the Red Sea, (a long standing natural obstacle) to give way for the Israelites to continue their journey (to the promised land) unhindered, Moses, the man of God needed to realize that the rod of God=s glory and power was in his hand, and that he only needed to stretch it over the sea (for it to flee). For the great Jordan to give way, the priests bearing the Ark of Covenant (the symbol of God=s presence: glory and power), had to dip their feet into the great River Jordan and stand firm there, though it was swift and overflowing its banks. Again, the people of Israel had to jettison fear, move into the parted river until they had all passed over.


Today, before many people, are some kinds of seas and rivers constituting a barrier to realizing God=s age long promises. It is of no use lamenting your situations. You only need to look to Moses=(the man of God=s) direction, follow his instructions as he has declared during the 2019 LEAP Declaration: it is the day of the Lord proper, stretching the rod of God=s glory and power to make ways for you. Also, you have to recognize us, the priests (the local ministers) bearing the Ark of Covenant with our feet dipped and standing firm at the brink of the rivers of your hindrance by swallowing hook, line and sinker God=s words from our mouths and becoming regular in the fellowships. As you do and call to mind all the declarations of the man of God towards you in all areas, throw away your fears and forge ahead in faith, the great seas and the rivers in your ways will give way, in Jesus name. As you believe that the man of God and his lieutenants  have been empowered to bring down God=s glory and power upon your hindrances, join your faith with our faith and the authority we have received, your hindrances will see God=s glory and power and flee, in Jesus name. Your faith in our prayers today will never fail you.


The LORD will want all of us to shout from our hearts: “Arise and Shine O God of glory and power. The Ocean Divider, Come Down Upon The Great Seas And Rivers In Our Ways And Show Them Your Glory And Power”. As you call to mind the declarations of the man of God that it is the day of the Lord proper and tell the God of glory and power to arise against all that are standing on your way to the realization of your dreams; and having faith in our prayers today, you will shortly smile in Jesus name. It is your appointed time to realize your dreams

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