The Successful Soul-Winner. 

Text: Romans 1:16-18, 8-12, 13.


As a congregation whose primary assignment is to preach the gospel of grace (the good-news of the free-gift of God) to win souls for the kingdom we belong to, Preaching The Gospel That Saves And Establishes Converts, the need to understand what the gospel is, the purpose of, and the preacher of the gospel.


In a true church where the number of qualified people preaching the gospel is few, numerical growth will be prolonged.


Often, follow-up workers feed the new-convert with a bone-like message instead of the milk-like, which enhances the spiritual growth of new and young believers. Feeding new-convert with bone-like word causes spiritual malnutrition, and may subsequently cause spiritual death (cons. 1Pet. 2:1-2; Heb. 5:12-14).


Let’s focus on preaching/teaching successfully as soul-winners (whose basic qualities are salvation and Holy Ghost baptism)  that retains those that are new in the kingdom by preaching out personal experience, preaching with authority, preaching with compassion, and preaching that has good-news for the new-convert.

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