The Sure Path To Excellence

Excellence: to exceed or to go beyond the standard, to stand out, superiority, eminently good. Excellence is a quality of being outstanding.

It comes with a price, only those who understand its worth can pay for it.

A Christian must know that to be a successful is not a child’s play.  It does not come on a platter of gold.  There are prices that need to be paid in order to become successful.  There is always a road that leads to any where worth going and a ladder for climbing to the top.  Only Christians who climb the ladder of diligence and hard work, get to the top of success and excellence.

There a number of successive and concerted efforts that you must make, these things sum up to give you success.

To attain excellence, the following routes should be followed (Recommended for Students):

_           As a student, you must establish a good study days prefer making fun a habit rather than having a good study habit.  If you must have excellence in examination, there is no two ways about it.

_           Use libraries: This practice is becoming extinct among students.  There are lots of materials and resources in the library that a student can tap from.

_           Take proper notes in class.

_           Have a complete and update note before the examination.

_           Study in a conducive environment.

_           Time management: Time is one of the greatest resources we have.  We all have 24 hours; use it well and maximize its usage.

_           Do not be a back bencher.  It is perceived that un-serious student sit at the back.  Serious students are always seen in the front seat where there is full concentration, and no distraction.

_           Avoid procrastination.

_           Be disciplined.  It is a very essential principle of excellence.  Self-discipline is a conscious control of over your lifestyle.  It is the achiever’s greatest weapon.  Some students have non indolence as a robe, nonchalance as a footwear, and procrastination as a hat getting dressed to travel the road of shambles.

_           Maintain good and positive relationship with teachers.

_           Ask questions: always ask questions on any area that is not clear to you.  Ask from those who know more than you, ask from teachers.

_           Write all tests and examinations.  Some students chose which test to write, and the one not to write.  For a student who is aiming at excellence, you must write all test and examinations.

_           Adequate preparation for tests and examinations students most times begin studying for test or examination the same day they are writing it.  That is ridiculous, and unexpected.  Preparation for examinations and tests should commence at least a month before the day.


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