The Vision Of The Christian Leader

In the matter of the vision the Christian leader must put-on, there is a case study that suffices – Paul the apostle had the vision of continuing in his ministry and reaching heaven at last. He was crucified to the world and conquered by Christ, so the true minster must have the vision of being crucified to the world and conquered by Christ.

What about labouring consistently to ensure that nothing is lacking in the flock, and that they are presented perfect in Christ?  Infact, the vision that can be brought from the apostle Paul are too numerous to mention here.


From the Lord, the Leader should buy the vision of his food being to engage in the ministry that he has received and accomplish it (Jn.4:32-34) . There is also the vision of covering the whole places with the Gospel (Matt.28:19-20Mk.16:15Lk.24:46-48).   


As in the case of the Christian worker, the Christian leader without such visions as stated, is a mere fulfiller of religious obligation, whose work does not yield acceptable dividend, so not pleasing to God, and by whom the Lord and His Gospel are mocked. Furthermore, if he is the type that receives pay for the work, he merely serves for the sake of the filthy lucre he is receiving.


Without vision there is no zeal, and without zeal there is not stamina for service. In the circumstance, the weight of the work can weigh the man down and out.


NB:     Apart from the fore-going which pertain to the spiritual, all categories of  Christians must be people of vision also in the secular. It is only people who have perceived some goals in their minds that usually achieve something in life. Such people, because of their vision labour and persevere. And at the end, they come out with what they have targeted (Pro.14:23; cons. 1Sam.4:9-10). It could be any area of life.



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