To The Murmurers In Church

Murmuring can be defined as, complaining or speaking against a thing, a person or the church because of some adverse situation, or because of something one does not agree to, or does not understand.  The church in the wilderness had this terrible evil spot of murmuring on the way to Canaan land, and even when they arrived there.

* They murmured after the first three days of the journey through the wilderness for lack of water or drinkable water (Exodus 15:22-24; 17:1-3).

* They murmured again fifteen days into their journey for lack of the former courses of meals in Egypt and wished they were killed by the Lord in Egypt (Ex. 16:1-3).

* As the journey progressed, they murmured yet again because an evil picture had been painted of the land they were heading to and decided to dump Moses for another leader to return to Egypt (Numbers 13:31- 14:4).

* In the course of time, a band of them (Miriam and Aaron) murmured against Moses, their younger brother and leader for what he did which they did not understand (Numbers 12:1-2). 

Having come into the land, they murmured again against their leaders for what they (the leaders) disallowed which they did not understand (Joshua 9:17-18; see Psalm 106:26).

In the New Testament, Jesus’ detractors murmured against Him for a number of things He did allow, or said which they did not agree with or understand (e.g. Mark 14:3-5; Luke 5:29-30; 19:5-7; John 6:41).  There was also murmuring in the early church for a perceived discrimination (Acts 6:1).  Later, in the church, there were murmurers (Jude 16). 

And today, even at 21/2 Minutes to the Midnight, there are still murmurers in the church.  Some murmur because of some adverse situations they are into and they speak against the church as if the church is responsible for such situation. 

Others murmur because of the modus operandi of the church or ministry.  Yet others murmur because of the projects the church is undertaking, or because of some things they do not understand or that do not appeal to them.

Whatever the reasons behind any murmuring, murmuring is a great evil, carrying terrible consequences.  For example, murmuring made God to change the period of the journey from Egypt to Canaan from 40 days to 40 years, till the adults that were involved were wasted (Numbers 14:26-37). 

 Murmuring brought leprosy and ostracism to Miriam (Numbers 12:1-15).  It was murmuring that brought destruction to the people (1Corinthians 10:10; Numbers 14:37).  In the New Testament murmuring is still punishable (see Jude 16:10-15).

It is not yet late for all murmurers and all other evil-tongued folks to repent and desist.  But it may become late after one has read this message and closed one’s ears to its warnings, and then Rapture or death occurs. 

The church must be returned to the foundations the Apostles carefully laid.  The Lord will not continue to watch while the apple of His eye is being pricked.  He that hath ear to hear let him hear (Matthew. 13:9, 43).

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