To Those Who Think They Know Too Much

It is the issue of people in church knowing only in part (as shown in scriptures – 1Corinthians 13: 9) but thinking that they know much that has resulted in some stubbornness that we find among the church-folks of today. More often than not, those who have this terrible fault are zealous, but heady, unrulable and therefore disruptive to the harmony required in the church.

How many people have jumped out to commence ministries or church organizations (albeit, without success) and put their salvation and entire lives of other people into jeopardy because they had thought they knew much, not realizing that they knew just a little?

How many others have ruined their Christian lives, falling from grace to grass for not heeding experienced pastors’ counsels, just because they erroneously thought they knew much?

Part of what usually leads people into this evil is the privilege of dreams, trances, revelations, voice of the Spirit of God. No doubt, God does grant whosoever He wills the privilege of dreams, trances, revelations, voice of the Spirit (e.g. Numbers 12:1-6; Joel 2:28).

Very often we hear people say, “the Lord spoke to me; the Lord ministered to me”, but what then is the common error of such people whom the Lord speaks or ministers to from time to time?

While it may be true that the Lord speaks or ministers to such people from time to time on some matters, their error is the fact that they do not realize that the Lord will not give dreams, trances or the Spirit’s voice for just every matter of their lives.

As a result some will hardly listen to sermons objectively, hardly go for counselling, hardly learn anything from any other person or quarter.

But hear these: young Samuel thought that Eli was calling him, until more mature Eli made him know it was God and instructed him on what to do (1Samuel 3:7-10); the disciples of the Lord thought that the kingdom was to appear physically upon their arrival at Jerusalem, until the Lord disabused their minds of the erroneous notion (Luke 19:10).

Experience and maturity usually count in interpreting the voice of the Lord through dreams, trances and the Spirit’s voice.

Now, it’s not yet late for all who have this terrible fault of “I know it” to be rescued. Hereunder is what they must realize today and do.

We all know in part, no matter the volume of what we think we know (1Cor. 13:8,9). Let us assume that Brother or Sister A knows some things, and that Brother or Sister B knows better than Brother or Sister A, and that Brother C knows more than A & B, nevertheless, all of them know in part, given the unquantifiable volume of what can be known (Romans 11:33; Isaiah 55:8-9).

Even the angels know in part, not knowing the day and hour of the Lord’s Second Advent (Matt. 24:36). They must repent today and begin to learn from the spoken Word, the written Word, listen to counselling and learn from others.

Those who may refuse to heed this counsel are only waiting to crash out. Satan knows that they know in part, but are unwilling to learn. So he will set traps for them, usually long-term traps. Do not be caught in that trap.

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