It is through the desire of differing from another (or others), that quality Christians/minsters, skills, are made (or gotten).


In present-day Christianity, if we do not nurse the desire to differ from others (outside), we can never be better or achieve our ministry.  Also, if there is no desire by some to differ from others (within), we can never have quality ministers, and resultant quality skills/ministry.


  • Among the twelve sons of Jacob, Joseph desired difference from the others, hence his being different not towing the line of the others but reporting their misbehaviour (Gen. 37:1-2).
  • Among the apostles of Christ, John must have desired to be different, hence his drawing very close to Christ (Jn. 13:25; 21:20), thereby having a better revelation of Him.
  • Similarly, apostle Paul had a desire to differ from the others, hence he withstood Cephas when the later, though an older apostle, manifested hypocrisy (Gal. 2:11-14).


It is the desire to differ from others that leads a sinner to repentance and salvation and a believer to sanctification and Holy Spirit baptism experiences and to quality Christian conduct in business, at school, in the market place, at home, etc.


It is also through the desire to differ from others that we can have quality ministers and skills.

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