The Vision Of The New Convert or Believer

All those who newly became regenerated or children of God through repentance from dead works and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 20:20-21Heb.6:1), cannot afford to continue without putting on vision. There is a lot of vision for him/her to put on.

A few of such visions are as follows:-

(i) being true ambassadors of Christ, or being Christlike in all aspect of life (Acts 11:25-264:13Phil.2:5-82Cor.5:20Matt.11:29);

(ii) reaching heaven at last 

(iii) being zealous workers in the house of the Lord.


If there is no such vision, the individual is like a propeller-engine that has no propeller. Backsliding is easy in the circumstance, since nothing per-se is pushing the one forward. Soon degeneration (through persecution and the pleasure of sin) can set-in, and he/she becomes a source of mockery to the Lord and Christianity.

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