They have arrogantly defied the God of Christians

Today, there are invaders that have boasted of their wealth, weaponry and purpose to take over the land of indigenous people. They have arrogantly defied the God of Christians by defiling Churches with their cattle and slaughtering ministers. They have taken position all over the nation and are set to strike towns and villages to unleash terror and possess.


We must call upon God to intercept and abort their program (Ps.11:3, 37:7.17, Prov.19:21). We must ask the Lord if He has changed the program of preparing the Church for the rapture (cp. Mal.3:6). We also want to ask the Lord if He has withdrawn from the LEAP declarations showing the wonderful experiences that saints of God will enjoy at this season; which things will be a mirage should they succeed.


HSCF 230, 248



*Count your blessings and express your gratitude to the Lord in a way of your choice.


*(2Thess.3:1) Bless God for the GS who has been a father and model to every true member of this movement. Let’s pray that the Lord will keep him healthy and enable him to accomplish all his desire. Remember members of his family: that the hand of the Lord will rest upon them.


*(Isa.31: The herders are men and not spirits; let’s ask God to show them that they are mortals who are grossly limited.


*(Exo.12:12) These invaders often bask in the efficacy of their charms, let’s ask the Lord to cause the charm to fail woefully. At same time, let the Lord deal with those that back them up spiritually by knocking them against each other.


*(2Sam.17:14) They have those that strategize and advise them; let’s ask the Lord to put them to shame.


*(Ps.28:3,5) There are those that finance them, let’s ask the Lord to reward them accordingly.


*(2Kgs.6:8-12) They have some plans in the offing, let’s ask the Lord to frustrate such plans.


*(Jer.33:3) Present your personal matters to the Lord.


Thank Him for the answer to prayers.

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